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Check My Connection

How do I know that I am connected?

To test that you are on the SurfBouncer Personal VPN network and that you are surfing securely and unblocking web sites, try the following:

Before logging in click here. A new window will open, taking you to a web site that will show you your IP address and location. Close this window after viewing the result. Then, after logging into SurfBouncer, click here to take you back to the same web site. You will see that your IP address and location has changed and that your traffic appears to be coming from our servers.

You may get different addresses each time you log in depending on which of our servers you are connected to. The important point is that it is not your address.

NOTE: After connecting, you may have to close your browser and re-launch it in order for it to see your new internet connection. Sometimes the browser cache will remember the original page and display it without refreshing the data.

IMPORTANT: If you see a green connection icon in Windows and the web site reports the same location, refresh your browser as you may be viewing a cached copy of the web page. If that does not work and you are using Windows Vista, you may have installed or launched the application without using the "Run as Administrator" option or disabling the UAC. See this page for more details.

For Windows 7, be sure to install the software as shown here. Windows 8 here.

When properly connected to the VPN, SurfBouncer will unblock web sites, keep your data secure and allow the use of IP phones where they are blocked.


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