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SurfBouncer DNS Project

Our goal is to provide FREE, safe, secure and anonymous DNS for all your devices.
Automatically blocking known advertising, tracking, malware and fishing sites.

We are in the process of developing IPv4 and IPv6 DNS servers located around the world to provide fast, safe and secure DNS serivce.

In addition, to help protect users the DNS servers will filter out advertisements, tracking sites, malware sites and phishing sites.

Our first IPv4 DNS address has been published and is available for anyone to use. You don’t have to be a customer of SurfBouncer to use this server.

You can use the DNS address on your computer or other device.

To use it, simply add our DNS address as your Primary DNS address.

We are in the process of building another IPv4 DNS address and will subsequently build two IPv6 DNS server addresses. All with multiple servers associated to the addresses around the world.

Our goal is to provide reliable, secure and free DNS service to anyone in the world who needs it. Especially in places where DNS is hijacked, corrupted and poisoned by local ISP’s and government agencies.

If you feel like we do that such a free service would be beneficial to many around the world, we ask for a donation to help us achieve this goal of Fast, Secure and Free DNS.

DNS is the mechanism that translates the name of a web site to an IP address that various routers on the Internet can use to connect you to that site.

Because of this address translation, providers of your DNS services can log every address you go to and also log your IP address and create a database to profile you. These databases are sold for large profits to various companies that use the data for marketing and other services. Including background checking. Knowing your web history provides a huge amount of data for companies trying to market to you and for companies that create databases about you in regards to background checks.

More than likely your ISP, which provides DNS services to you as part of your account actively logs every DNS request in order to sell the information.

Our Secure DNS service will provide you with safe DNS servers to use that ensure nothing is ever logged about you or your activity. Your DNS activity on the Internet becomes anonymous and no data about you is collected or sold.

Because we block known advertising, tracking, malware and phishing sites your browsing  experience is not only safer but faster.  By blocking this traffic web pages will load faster and reduce your bandwidth on metered internet connections.

Our Secure DNS works with all devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android. You can use it on as many of your devices as you wish.

Our DNS servers are located all over the world and your DNS requests will automatically be directed to the server that is closest to you.


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